Sunday, August 22, 2010

Daily Questions

Developing Oral Language Conversation Skills

To build young children oral language skills it requires having meaningful conversations with them through out the day. Build children’s oral language skills by having a daily question as part of your preschool curriculum will insure that you are having at least one meaningful conversation with every child in your classroom.

When having verbal interaction with children it will not only help them to communicate and be more sociable, but it is also crucial to their development of speaking, listening and writing we need to cultivate their oral language skills every day.

When having these conversations with children they will learn how conversations work, how to take turns, look attentively, use facial expressions and express new ideas in different ways.

What does your Daily Question look like?

I have a pocket chart that is centrally located in the classroom. At the top of the pocket chart is the question of the day. It is a question that has more than one right answer or that can be answered in many different ways. Each child in the classroom has a name card so that the staff knows who has been asked the daily question. This insures us that we have had at least one meaningful conversation with every child that was at school that day.

How are you able to get in a daily question for each child?

I have a group size of 24 children. There are three staff members at all times. At the beginning of the day we split the name cards evenly amongst us. This means that that the most we should have is 8 children each.

How does the conversation go?

• What is your favorite dinner?
• How do you think this dinner is made?
• When you have your favorite dinner how does it make you feel?

Things you should remember when you’re having a meaningful conversation with children.

• Get down to the child’s eye level.
• Avoid dominating the conversation.
• Find opportunities to use new or more sophisticated words as you talk with children.
• Make sure the conversation is able to go back and forth at least three times to each person having the conversation.

Remember that there is no such thing as talking too much with children. So talk, talk and talk some more.

Lets Talk About Communication by Deborah

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