Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shared Writing Part One

Children learn about the writing process by composing text together.

Shared writing is an important part of the preschool curriculum. The purpose is to model the thought process involved in writing. It teaches children how to organize their thoughts and see them on paper.

Shared writing should be done during group time. You can also have shared writing during small group or through out the day as children are at play.

During Group

• Teacher starts a discussion about a shared experience.
• Children share their ideas and thoughts while the teacher models the writing process.
• Write down what they say.
• As you write the word say the word out loud.
• Point out how you are writing from left to right.
• Point out when you are using a capital letter and lowercase letters.
• When you use punctuation point out what that mark on the paper is called.

Children that are encouraged to write and that have been exposed to writing through shared writing experiences will be able to compose more effectively and with greater confidence, then those children that have not.

Shared Writing for Parents

It is important for parents to write in front of their children. Children should see you write;
• Lists
• Letters
• Checks
• Recipe

Have those shared writing experiences with them by writing down their ideas about what they want at the grocery store. When your writing a letter to a family member let them tell you things to write in the letter from them. Let them watch you write, write and write. Point out what you’re doing as you write in front of them.

When you do lots of writing in the classroom their own writing will appear on every thing.

This child wrote on our tent project. She is jumping on the trampoline


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