Saturday, February 26, 2011

B is for Bones

We wanted to give the children an opportunity to explore bones like paleontologists, scientist that study dinosaur bones.

We sat out trays of cleaned chicken bones and bared them in clean play sand.  We placed magnifying glasses and small paint brush for the children to brush away the sand with, just like paleontologists do.  As they found the bones we had them place the bones on mates to see if they could figure out how the bones went together to form a skeleton. 

How to clean Chicken Bones

We boiled the chicken bones until all the meat and cartilage cooked off. Next we scraped the bones to get any remain stuff off the bones. Once the bones were clean we then placed them in a solution of bleach water and let them soak for about 30 minutes. We rinsed and placed them in the sun to dry.

Once you have gone through all the hard work they will last you for several years to come.
Science Sunday

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  1. We've done this a couple of times nad it's always a big hit at our house. We've also got a couple of parks that have the big huge dinosaur bones to find.



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