Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Building the Bridge Between School and Home

Parent involvement is key to school success. Building the bridge between school and home is a vital part to creating a classroom with the child’s success in mind.

There are many ways to help build this bridge; one of the most successful ways that I have found is to place a dry eraser board where the parents sign in and out. We all know that it is hard to be able to talk to every parent and remind them of daily things everyday. I find that it is helpful to give them those reminders right where they sign daily. Example “Don’t forget your mittens for our Three Little Kittens tomorrow.”

Here are some other ways to make sure that you are building that bridge:

• Send out a weekly newsletter by email or by paper
• Have a parent bulletin board in your classroom (where parents can see what is happening in the classroom and community)
• Send home important fliers or letters. (Pajama Day)
• Create take home backpacks of home projects that the parents can check out
• Have sit down parent conferences
• Have student/parent family nights

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