Monday, May 16, 2011

Creating a Multicultural Classroom

We live in a world rich in diversity, with a combination of many different cultures.  Today’s teachers are responsible for creating classrooms environments that are culturally rich, and respectful of the diversity among students.  In doing so, a foundation is laid for all learners to develop an understanding and respect for themselves and others in our diverse world.   
This foundation is best created through a multicultural approach in the classroom environment.  This is created by careful consideration of all the children’s cultures and traditions, by planning to help other children experience these traditions and rituals.
·         Learn the traditions of every child in your classroom

·         What holidays do they celebrate?

·         What are their favorite foods?  Having cooking projects that represent these favorites 
           to that all of the children have an opportunity to experience those traditional foods.

·         Provide a verity of music from the different cultures represented in your classroom.
·        Have parents visit and share about their traditions.  Parents can help with their
          traditional cooking projects or even teach the children traditional dances.

·                Include multicultural books in the reading area and multicultural cook books in the
         dramatic play area.

·              Celebrate their Holidays through out the school year.

Celebrations are things that we do through out the year so that we can learn about one another traditions and celebrations.
Sikh Parade is a celebration for the Punjabi children in our classroom.  With that in mind we have staff member dress in their tradition clothing and teach the children their tradition dance.  Staff and parents bring in clothing and jewelry for the children to wear. 

Our children learned how to dance with Ms. Baljit. 
Cinco De Mayo 

The children made their own hats and maracas to have their own Cinco De Mayo parade.
Fourth of July   

Here are things that you will find in our classroom environments to show the acceptance of all the children in the classroom group.  These things are found through out the whole class. 
Written language


Wall Hangings

House Hold Goods

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  1. i love that idea of putting costumes from other cultures in the dress up area. thanks for the tip!



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