Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sometimes We Need To Act Young

We are not just teachers, we are…

• Moms

• Wives
• Daughters
• Sisters
• Friends
• Co-Workers

So take a break and do a little something for you.

Here is my break for the week or should I say I good laugh that we all need this week.
Things have been a little stressful around the work place lately with all the budget cuts and not know if we are staying or going.  So we needed to take the time to act young again and did it feel good to laugh with all the girls at work. 
This day let us all know no matter if we stay or go we are all a tight knit of friends and co-worker and some things just won’t change and that is our Friendships!
Take the time to have a good laugh this week and do something that makes you feel young again. 



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