Friday, May 11, 2012

Mud Kitchen Open for Business

The mud kitchen is official open for business.
Here it sits waiting for the daily rush of customers.  In the area we have an old outdoor sink that has been converted into a water table.  Two work tables and under each work table is milk crates filled with items that we collected from thrift stores and garage sales.

You will find the majority of the children around the mud kitchen when we are using the outdoor classroom.  

These dishes have been the best find and you will not believe where we found them and what one of our teachers said.

We were cleaning out a shed that had old kitchen supplies in it and found boxes of these dishes.  Once I brought them out for our mud kitchen one of the ladies that teaches with me said “Hey those are the dishes I used to eat off of as child here when we had our own kitchen staff.”  She went to school here in the mid 70’s.  You never know what you will find when you clean things out around here.

 Love the Mud Kitchen!

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