Thursday, May 31, 2012

Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions are one of the most import teaching tools to have in the teacher’s tool box.  Open ended questions are a way to offer children the opportunity to freely express their knowledge, ideas and feelings.  They are also a way to get children to use and expand their vocabulary.

Open ended questions are those questions that have no single right or wrong answer.  How ever these questions sometime are a challenge to remember to ask while you are freely working with children, it is a habit that we have to form as a teacher.  To help with this process I have created posters that I have placed around my classroom in the learning center.  These posters are help for not only me but those that work with me.  (Teacher assistance, parent helper and subs) 

Here is a free poster of General Open Ended Questions that you can use.

To get the whole set go to Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook

You can also purchase and download the set right here on this site, just click on the cart button. 



  1. You're so right about the need to ask open-ended questions. I like your poster idea. Renee

  2. Love this--

    And for some smiles: I wanted to stop by and tell you we finally made our own water wall. Thanks for the inspiration once again!!

    Gianne at (link love there)

  3. I just found these. Wow, what a great resource! I posted a link on the post I had about open-ended questions to your site. Thank you for creating these.
    Playful Learning Brooklyn


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