Sunday, February 24, 2013

Checklist and Portfolio Assessment Tools

Assessments are a vital component in preschool and kindergarten to ensure a high quality early childhood program.  Assessments will help teachers understand and support the development of young children's learning process. 

The finding that you will get from conducting assessment will help teachers provide the right instruction for individualized teaching as well as instruction for the whole group learning.  Teachers will be able to create learning environments that support each child's learning needs.

This packet has been in the works for a long time.  It has been a trial and error process to come up with this Checklist and Portfolio packet.  Checklist and Portfolio Assessment tools will help teachers complete any assessment tool that your program, agency or state has you using.

If you are a teacher or agency that needs to complete the Desired Results Development Profile then this packet is a must have for you.  These check list will help free up some valuable time that we all need when it comes to complete our assessments and it will provide a clear picture for where each of your students stands academically. 

What you will get...

This packet will provide for you:

Assessment Checklist for

Scissor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Book Handling
Concept of Print
Phonological Awareness
Gross Motor Skills
One to One Correspondence
Size Sorting
Number Sense -Counting Objects
Number Sense- Mathematical Operations
Shape Sorting

Portfolio Sheets

Monthly Draw Person
Monthly Name Writing

Would you like to have a copy of the Desired Results Developmental Profile for Preschool Children, just click on the image for a PDF copy.


  1. Hi Tami,
    I am a Montessori preschool teacher in South Africa.I stumbled upon your site and am very interested in your Checklist and Portfolio Assessment Tools, I have tried to download the file but without success. Am I doing something wrong or is there any way you are able to email it to me?
    Many thanks

  2. These checklist and portfolio assessment tools is a paid item that I have on my Teachers Pay Teacher site or Teachers Notebook site. The packet is $5.00 if you would like to purchase the packet find the link above under the cover. Thanks Tami



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