Friday, February 8, 2013

Naming our Classroom Community

The first thing we did was to talk about the names of communities in our area.  Next we talked about how we were a classroom community and if we should give our community a name.  As the children came up with names for our classroom community I wrote them down on our board.

Here is what some of the name were

Happy Town
Fruit Country
Light City
Loud City
Quiet Town
Happy Village
Play Town

Once the children came up with all the names we talked about them and what they would mean.

We eliminated the list down to 5 and the children then voted on what we should name our community.  

We gave each child a post it note and they came to the board and selected the name of choice and placed their post it note under that name.

They counted each column to see which name we would be using for our classroom community. 

It looks like we are now called Smartville "because we are all smart", they said. 

If you are looking for something to enhance your writing center workstation and is geared to community helpers and transportation, then here is a packet for you.

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