Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day with Family

We are not just teachers, we are…

·                 Moms
·                Wives
·                Daughters
·                Sisters
·                Friends
·                Co-Workers

So take a break and do a little something for you.

Life is good but life is really good when you get to spend it with family.  This week I meet up with some of my family in a small old time gold rush town called Nevada City.  Where the dinning is fabulous and the shopping is unique.  

Now that's a hat

as you walk the streets you will also pass by the original firehouses that are tucked between the shops.

We all indulged in a mouth water burger and fries from Lefty's Grill.  A place that I will be sure to come back to.

 Now take the time for you it can be anything, just do something you deserve it!

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