Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's Do the Bunny Hop

The "Bunny  Hop" is both a song and a dance.
Here are the few lyrics it has:
Put your right foot forward
Put your left foot out.
Do the Bunny Hop.
Bunny, Hop, hop, hop!

Dance this new creation
It's the new sensation
Do the Bunny Hop
Bunny, Hop, hop, hop!

Let's all join in the fun
Father, mother, son
Do the Bunny Hop
Bunny, Hop, hop, hop!

Bunny Art

 Milk Jug Bunny Baskets

First we painted the heads to our bunnies

Then we painted the milk jugs with different designs.  We added glue to the paint so that it would stick to the jug.

 We will be using our bunny baskets for our egg hunt.

 Number Order with Bunnies

 Bunny Can Games for Small Group

Apple Carton Eggs

Paint and Add Glitter

 Egg Carton Chicks

To make a cute little chick just paint a egg carton, glue in a large color pom pom add wiggle eyes and feathers. 

Bunny can games can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.

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  1. I just found your blog through TeachersPayTeachers. I teach 4 year old kindergarten in Wisconsin. I use preschool curriculum as well as some kindergarten curriculum. I am your newest follower! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

    I would love it if you came and visited my blog (and facebook)!



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