Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dramatic Play Mexican Restaurant

Why we need to create different types of dramatic play for our little ones

Dramatic play gives our little ones a safe place to act out the things that they see the adults in their lives doing every day. It gives them an opportunity to experiment and see how things work. 

Dramatic play helps children develop

Problem Solving Skills
Knowledge on how the real world works
Language Skills
Cooperation and Sharing with Others
Creative Thinking

Our Mexican Restaurant
Our restaurant sits just outside of our home living center.

To go orders

Looking at menu and finding money to pay.
If you look in the back of the picture you will see the stove area and worktable to prepare the orders.
Food is served.
The day before the restaurant was up and running we asked the children thing that we would need for the restaurant.  The first thing they said was money.  So off they went to the writing area to make their own money.  

 Here is some of the money they made. 

You can find the printable for this dramatic play on Pre-K Pages


  1. I'm glad you liked the Dramatic Play Mexican Restaurant kit you purchased from Pre-K Pages on April 20, 2013

  2. I added the link to Vanessa's Dramatic Play Mexican Restaurant Kit.

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