Sunday, May 5, 2013

Enhance Curriculum with My Big World

My Big World with Clifford magazine from scholastic  is a great resource to enhance your preschool curriculum.  These magazines have simple text with big real life pictures.  Each magazine is packed full of facts about the real world, which can lend the way to hands on learning experiences.  

 Every child in the class get their very own copy of the magazine that can be used during large group, small group and then taken home for a shared experience with family.

During large group children use their magazine to follow along and have a group discussion about what is inside each magazine.  Once children have discussed and talked about what is inside, I than use the large magazine to hold a group reading of the information provided.  Children can easily follow along with the colored frames and numbered pictures.  

 After the group reading we then explore with a hands on learning experience.  Children sorted seeds onto paper towels and predicted what they thought would happen to the seeds.

Water is need for the seed to grow.

 A few days later they could see how the seeds where splitting apart and roots were emerging.

 After reading the My Big World with Clifford Let's observe Ladybugs magazine the children learned that ladybugs come in more colors than just red with black dots.

Children sorted lady bugs.

 Counted dots to see which ones had more, less or the same amount.

and of course we created our own ladybugs in different colors with different amounts of spots.

 Next we will be looking at the My Big World with Clifford Amazing Octopus and Super Summer Sun.

You can find My Big World with Clifford on


Disclosure: Scholastic sent me sets of the "My Big World with Clifford" magazine so that I could use them in my preschool classroom.

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