Sunday, December 27, 2009

Construction Zone

Block play provides children with opportunities to develop many skills and concepts, but don’t leave your block area to just blocks. When adding different props to the block center children’s play will be enhanced.

• Blue prints
• Carpenter pencils
• Clip boards
• Fabric measuring tapes
• Hard hats
• Safety glasses
• Books on building, bridges, equipment, and homes

Here is a group of boys building in the block area. They went back and forth between the blue print they had laid out to the structure they were building. They are at play but what are they learning?

• Literacy Skills
• Language
• Conversational Skills
• Collaboration
• Problem solving
• Math Measurement/Size


  1. Yes - they are learning so much through their play. I love the blueprint spread out on the floor! Blocks are also a valuable expression in art. Looks like you have a group of future city planners in the making here.

  2. Seems to me pretty same that looking at the photo it seems that there future city planners in making.Thnaks for this pics.What do you think of portable storage (containers) if it is rented for only $59.99/month or less than that?

    Portable Storage,

  3. Thanks Deborah. Never thought of blocks as art but you are right now that I think about it.



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