Monday, December 21, 2009

Five Little Sandpals

Since we do not have snow where we live we had to come up with a substitute for a snowman, which was a sandman.  Here is the song that we came up with to go with our sandman.

Five little Sandpals sitting on the beach

Five little sandpals sitting on the beach.

The first one said “We are made out of sand.”

The second one said “We have sunhats and shell eyes, what funny guys.”

The third one said “The sun is high in the sky, I’m beginning to dry.”

The forth one said “The ocean is beginning to rise, oh my!”

The fifth one said “My toes are getting wet, oh No!”

In came the tide, out went the sand, and the five little sandpals washed right in.

Five Little Sandpals Fat Sung to the tune “Five Little Snowman Fat”

5 little sandpals fat (circle your hands in front of your stomach)

Each of them wearing a funny hat (hand over head like a hat)

In came the wave (move hand up and down)

And washed one away (put hand over eyes like your looking to see)

What a sad thing was that (make a sad face)

Down, down, down

Repeat until non are left


  1. How cute - I love how you have improvised! That is a great sand pal!

  2. What can you do when you don't get snow. When there are so many cut snowpeople books and you want to give them the same kinds of experances. My next idea was going to be tumble weeds.



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