Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gingerbread Lesson Ideas

Cognitive Development
*Gingerbread Boy Color Bingo GamePrepare a supply of gingerbread children with color dots on the hands, feet, and for the buttons. Make color button cards. Have children flip the color button cards and identify the color. Once the color has been identified have the children place a matching color pom pom on that button.

*Gingerbread Memory
Build their vocabulary and compression with object memory. Get objects that correspond with the gingerbread story. (rolling pin, cookie sheet, gingerbread man, cow, horse and fox) Have the children name all object that you have. Once they have named the object place two and a tray and have them tell you what two are on the tray. Next place a cloth over the tray and pick up one object with the cloth. See if the children can identify which object is missing. Repeat until all children have had a turn.

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