Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Classroom Management Dramatic Play Area

When it comes to the dramatic play and the idea of clean up, sometimes these two things just don’t go hand and hand.  I have tried giving: warnings that clean up is in five minutes, I have given the children in the dramatic play area extra time to clean up, but for what ever reason they have a hard time wanting to clean this area up.  I have even gone as far as having them sign a contract, (“I will clean up the playhouse.”)  And then have them sign it. This one does help but still not like I would like it to.  Oh and lets not forget making it a game.  Who can clean up the most or fastest.  Oh that would be the teacher, because they just want to watch.
Here is what I hear:
• I didn’t play in the playhouse; I just played with the money. (money is on the floor)
• It wasn’t me it was…
• I was only in there for a minute

• Will you help me?

One day one of the girls that we work with said what about if we give them a key, that way we know who has been in the playhouse and who needs to go back and clean before moving on to another area.  What a genius is all I have to say?  She came in with six key necklaces.  That way only six children can be in the playhouse at one time and they know that if they do not have a key on they can not go in the area.  The children remind one another.  


Also since we have started this their play seems to have more of collaborative play with one another. 
BIG Thanks to Rosa!


  1. What a neat idea! I think I am going to try this idea this year with my pre-k kiddos. Thanks!

  2. Love the key idea. Thanks!

  3. I extremely love the key idea. I will use it
    with my Prek children. Thanks.



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