Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just for the Fun of It

We are not just teachers, we are…
• Moms
• Wives
• Daughters

• Sisters
• Friends

• Co-Workers

So take a break and do a little something for you.

Here is my break for the week….

With all of the hard work and sweat that we have been giving to our jobs lately, we decided to take a break and show the children that we too can have fun.  They loved it and thought it was funny to see the teachers laughing and having a good time at play.

Take the time to have a good laugh this week and do something that makes you feel young again.


  1. Brilliant - sometimes when I am having fun in my job as a nursery teacher I think 'should it be this much fun?' :)

  2. I know right. When people ask me what I did today I will tell them I made mud pies and made rivers in the sandbox.


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