Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hermit Crab Painting

Today we had two visitors in our classroom Bonnie and Joe who are hermit crabs.
After reading the story Hermit Crabs New Home they decided to show us how to beautify our classroom with some original art special made by them.

First they took a bath in liquid water colors, and then they crawled out of the color onto sheets of paper.

Leaving a color trail behind them

We now have hermit art hanging in our classroom to remind us of our new friends.
Thank you Cindy, for stopping by our classroom and sharing the talent of your two hermit crabs.  Please stop by any time we loved having you!


  1. Yes! And I love it that way as well. You can also do it with snail, the children can have snail races.

  2. The paint can be toxic. Its very difficult to find non toxic colour paint. A suggestion that was brought up on the forum was to have to crabs walk across sand the kids have raked. They could analyze the tracks? Here is a link to a thread we have going about this situation. Take a look around the forum...hermit crabs can be an amazing teaching tool...but remeber they are an animal.



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