Sunday, January 22, 2012

In the Air

We are getting ready to start our unit on transportation and community helpers.  I was going through some pictures and came across my pictures from last year that I wanted to share with you since I was in the planning mood. 

During our creative art workstation for in the air the children came up with these amazing air transportation creations.


 Hot Air Balloon


 In the writing center children found cloud cut outs with transportation words that they could write on their own and this is what they did.  I turned the writing clouds into the boarder for our transportation bulletin board.  (Will be posted at a later date)

Say It, Count It, Write airplane passengers
 Let each child pick out which airplane mat they would like to use. Have the children roll a number dice. Have them identify the number on the dice. (say it) Once they have identified the number have them count out the passengers. (count it) After the children have counted out the right amount of passengers have them write the number on the math mat with a dry eraser marker. (write it)

 This 125 page lesson is filled with ideas that are sure to spark the interest of all children in your classroom. This lesson covers all learning domains for preschool children. Including: Story Extension, Math Games, Science Activities, Creative Art Project, Language and Literacy Activities and Movement Ideas. 

This plan includes:

Word Wall Cards
Game boards
Bingo Game
Math Mats
2 Flannel Board Stories
14 page Early Reader I can ride in a ….
And that’s not all

Go to Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook to purchase Transportation and Community Helper Theme Lesson Plan for $5.75.

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