Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week #2 Clutter-Free Classroom Project

The challenge this week was to come up with our plan of how we will become clutter free.  This plan also has to have rules to help you get clutter free so her are my rules for my self to get and stay clutter free.

1     1.)  I will use up all of the consumables that I have before getting more.
2     2.)  I will limit donated items for creative art projects.
3     3.)  If it is broken, get rid of it.
4     4.)  If I have not used it in a year get rid of it or donate to another teacher.
5     5.)  If it is in the wrong place return it now, instead of later.

I have an over amount of consumables since classrooms were closed down after the budget cutes and they had to put it some where so it is in my classroom storage.  Here is the before pictures.

It is hard to get to one color when there are other colors stacked on top.  Some times I walk in there and just change my plan instead of getting what I came in for.

After Pictures

 I went to the surplus warehouse (shed) and found some discarded shelving and placed the shelving in the storage room.  I stacked two shelves on top of one another and attached the shelving to the wall with L brackets.  The best thing about this organizational project is that it was FREE!
I also found some paper sorting racks in the surplus shed.  I cleared off a shelf in the storage next to the surplus of construction paper and placed the paper sorting racks on the shelf and placed all the opened papers in it.  This way I will use what I have up before getting out more.  

Pre-K -   


  1. Nice organization! You have a lot of creating ahead of you to use up all that paper LOL

  2. Wow! It has come a long way. Congrats!

  3. Wow that's a lot of paper! And free shelving?! Unheard of!



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