Monday, January 9, 2012

Week #1 Clutter-Free Classroom Project

Okay here we go.  Here are my pictures of my classroom before starting the Clutter-Free Classroom Project.  I can not believe that I am going to be showing you all the bad parts of my class, but her we go.

Here are two pictures of my classroom as a hole.  This is showing more of  the children’s areas, but it gives you an ideas of what I am looking at. 

The answer is yes if you are asking yourself that classroom is huge.  Some times I feel like I am teaching on in a football field size classroom.

Ok now for the bad parts.

Teacher Office Area

These pictures are of my teacher area.  This area sits up on the stage area of my classroom which makes it kind of challenging to organize the area, but I am whiling to give it a try.

Circle Area

Right now this area does not look to bad, but that is just because over the winter break we had to empty our classroom so that the carpets and tile could be cleaned for the year.  With that being said, I have not had time to get out all of the items that you would normally see here.  I guess that is a good thing since I should probable purge some items.

Another Teacher Prep Station

Storage Area

Okay so I have two of these areas in my classroom and I did not highlight on all of it.  Let me shed some light on these areas, there are things in this “Caves” as we call them dating back to the sixties.  To say the least it is a little over whelming when you go in them and not to mention FREEZING (that is why we call them the caves).  The center I work for open in 1964 and the classroom that I am in is the original classroom for the child development program for our school district.  Let’s just say there are a whole lot of things that I could get rid of.   

Let the Challenge Begin!!

Pre-K - 

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  1. thanks for sharing your classroom! you may have a few smaller areas that you want to work on, but the overall effect is colourful and welcoming!



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