Sunday, July 22, 2012

Communication Folders

Down Load Folder Making Kit

Communication folders are an important part of my parent communication and involvement.  These folders help to ensure that any notes and homework sent home are seen by parents.  They keep my parents well informed about what is happening in the day to day classroom as well as what is up and coming.  Parents are also able to send me notes so that I am aware of what is happening at home or of any needs or concerns that the parents might have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you send out the folders?

I place a  bucket of folders by the Sign In/Out area.  Each child has a folder in the bucket, parents and children look through the bucket until they find their folder.  At the end of the week the parents or child place their folder back in the bucket.

What do you put in the folders for Homework that is age appropriate?

I have a mixed age group of children, each folder has the same information and homework in it.  I have a connect four activity sheet that is designed for all ages of children.  It has activities that will build on children's fine motor skills to activities that build  vocabulary, math and language skills.  All activities are fun and hands on learning experiences.  I also include activity sheets that will build on their school readiness skills in fun way.
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What do your folders look like?

I use the two pocket paper folders.  On the outside of the folder is a cover page with child's name.

On the inside of the folder I tape numbers and color shapes

On the back cover I tape a picture ABC chart.  This information helps with the activities provided each week.

You can get monthly communication folder packets for $2.00 from Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook. 

Coming Soon November and December Communication Folders


  1. Thank you for this!! I have a question...How do you keep the folders looking half-way decent through the year??

  2. I use the packing tape to tape on all of the information. This keeps it from tearing and falling apart.This year I laminated the front sheet and then taped it onto the folder using packing tape. I think this will keep them looking nicer.

    1. Thanks! I was thinking about clear contact paper. I am excited to use these with my class this year :-)

  3. I love these folders! I have done homework bingo but I love your spin! I need to be better about folders this year. I pinned it so when I get there I have this resource! Thanks!

    Simply Kinder

  4. I love your "home to school" folders what a great idea! I am going to have to try that this year!

  5. I use sheet protectors to put everything in, Your way saves me money on buying these. I may just have to switch.



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