Thursday, July 5, 2012

Turning Your Outdoor Area into a Outdoor Classroom

Part One

I have been working on improving our outdoor play area into a outdoor classroom.  Giving children all the same learning opportunities as they have indoors outdoors.

Before Pictures

After Pictures
Writing Area

We found an old table that made a great outdoor writing area.  Since this area has been added children's draws have been a lot more detailed and full of information.
Outdoor Garden Area
Children have been learning about caring for a garden, composting and organic gardening with garden friendly insects. (lady bugs and praying mantis).  But most of all they have been enjoying eating fresh vegetables planted and cared for with their own hands.
Outdoor Kitchen (Mud)

Most used place, children have made pizzas to birthday cakes.
Mountain Climbing Rope Pull

Children are allowed to climb up this slide by pulling themselves up with the rope.  Building upper body strength and hand over hand coordination.

For more outdoor classroom ideas refer to the book Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms.

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  1. Thanks for this article! I think that teaching with an outdoor classroom is a great idea!



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