Friday, July 6, 2012

Teachers Classroom Management Packet

This 103 page teacher classroom management packet will help get your school year off to the right start.
What you will find in this classroom management packet
 Section One   Parent Orientation

·         Parent Classroom Handbook
       -Welcome Letter         
       -Daily Schedule
      -Talking with Children
·         Volunteer Questionnaire
·         Getting to Know You cards
·         Family Trash to Treasure letter and donation list
·         Change of Clothes Reminder
·         Book Bag Check Out
Section Two    Parent Teacher Conferences
·         Parent Letter
·         Reminder Card
·         Appointment Chart
·         Sign-In form
·         Child’s Progress Form
·         Portfolio Sheets
·         Observation Forms
Section Three    Staying Organized and Planning
·         Child File Data Sheet
·         Monthly News Letter Template
·         Communication Folder Template
·         Teacher Note Paper
·         Planning Calendar
·         Birthday Board Template in Color and Black/White
·         Name Tags
·         Awards
·         Name Plates



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