Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clutter-Free Classroom Project Week 5

My favorite type of storage…
      Baskets (they give a natural look)
·         Plastic Bins in all sizes
·         Zip Lock Bags (to hold all the pieces)
·         Dish Pans for children’s area (durable)
·         Large Mailing Envelopes
·         Anything Free or for a Dollar

Large Mailing Envelopes
I use these for my workstations projects/Games.  You are able to tape the instructions and what is inside the envelop to the outside front.  Once I have all of my workstations figured out and put together I place them in a plastic bin upright so that I can thumb through the easily and grab what is needed in a snap. 

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are great for storing and organizing all of my paper work.  This tub shelf in near my desk each tub has its own job.  (Current  Communication Folder packets clipped together my week, Next Month Communication Folder, Extra Communication folders that are ready to go for new students, Sub Teacher which is placed on my desk at the end of the day Idea from Clutter Free Classroom Project, Parent Orientation Packets for new parents and, Extra Stock of office supplies) 
This is a new system that I started after working on the Clutter Free Classroom Project and I have to say I love it.  I always know where to place and find things.  This has saved me some valuable time. 

My desk now looks like this…

It did look like this…

Large Plastic Bins 

Store everything that is needed for a unit into one bin.  Our curriculum goes by one theme a month, but we add to each unit depending on the month and season.  So every thing for that month is in that unit box.

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