Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It’s a Clover of a Day

It’s a Clover of a Day Mini Unit for St. Patrick’s Day
This is a 67 page lesson plan packet that is packed full of ideas for your learning centers and they are all geared around St. Patrick’s Day.  In this packet you will find math center workstations, language and literacy workstations, writing workstation and art/craft workstation.   

Here is what you will find in this packet

Clover Picture, Letter and Word Sorting
Clover Letter Stamp and Letter Writing Sheets
Green Dance Jig Can Game
St. Patrick’s Writing Center Workstation (Prompt sheets, letter practice sheets and Vocabulary and Word Writing Cards)
Number Recognition and Order Numbers
Find the Pot of Gold Path Game
Rainbow Math
Dice Game Worksheets
Shape Memory Game with a worksheet
3 Hands on Art/Craft Projects

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