Friday, February 24, 2012

Work Planner

Have you ever seen a computer with sticky notes stuck all the way around it and sticky notes on top of sticky notes?  OK so I like sticky notes.  Well that is what my computer use to look like until I started the clutter-free classroom.  So what do I now do you ask?  OK you did not ask but I want to share it with you anyway.  I now place those sticky notes in a spiral notepad. 

When it is opened up it looks like this.  On the top of each page it reads February Must Do and February Work In Progress.  By the end of the month my must do side needs to be empty and Work In Progress side gets moved to the new month or it says right where it is.  If is stays it is something that I wanted to get done based on that theme or holiday that is always done during the same month every year.  I do this so that I can refer back to this month to see what my ideas were and if I would still like to do them or discard them.  Why rack the brain and think about it all over again when it could be right there at my finger tips.

Why do I choose to use sticky notes for this?  I like the idea of them because I can make my list or add to my list through out the month and the biggest reason when I have finished something from the list it feels great to pull it off, crumple it up and toss it into the trash can.  I do not have to look at it again. 

With a traditional list you make it, scratch on it and them have to keep rewriting it as you go along.  To Much Work!

Original Idea came from a picture on pinterest.


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