Monday, February 20, 2012

Mixing Slime

Discovering the world around you!
Young children’s innate curiosity about investigating their world makes them natural scientists.
Young children are born scientists, whose boundless curiosity and developing skills give them the motivation and capability to investigate and better understand their world.
When we teach preschool children science we are teaching the skills children will need throughout their lives to think about a problem and to explore its possible answers.
Mixing Slime
Children will develop chemistry skills as they combine materials.

We have all provided pre-made slime, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial to let the children mix it themselves.  Understanding that combining the materials and watching the transformation is the most intriguing aspect of the early childhood sensory experience.
Provide the children with a large art tray.  On the tray have a small container for mixing, a cup with spoon and white glue.  Have a container of liquid starch on each tray along with different colors of liquid watercolors with droppers.  If you do not have liquid watercolors use food coloring.  


  1. Who doesn't love slime - great fun!

  2. I think I love my child have this kind of learning and activity. Therefore, let your child experience the Montessori Environment.

  3. Oh! What a great crafty ideas! My boys love arts and mixing slime is a perfect activities for them.



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