Sunday, April 1, 2012

Doggy in the Window Pet Unit

Doggy Doggy where is your bone?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been conducting all of my assessments for our spring DRDP’s and compiling information for the end of the year parent conferences.  While I was doing this I noticed that my little ones are having a hard time with size and measurement.  So since we are on the pet unit I decided to create some size sorting activities to get their knowledge rolling.

Magnetic Board Activity

I started out our discussion during group time and had children come up to the board and select items that should go with each sized dog house.

 Got Milk Bones size sorting activity

During work time children were given the opportunity to work with different sized milk bones and bowls.

Size Sorting Mat

During our small group activities each child got a basket of milk bones, sorting mat and erasable marker.  Children placed the bones on the sorting mat, once they were done with placing all of the bones on the mat they counted each column and wrote the amount at the bottom.  With this activity I was able to observe 3 of our math measures for the DRDP’s.

Creative Art Doggy

 We could not do all of this dog bone sorting thing with out making a dog.  This child put a milk bone on for a dog tags which lead to most of the other children doing the same thing.

If you would like to download these dog bone sorting activities for free just go to Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook
Children will develop the ability to compare three or more objects and to order them by size.  Children will also gain vocabulary needed to describe size.  This knowledge will hold and important foundation for the concept of measurement.

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