Monday, April 23, 2012

Pet Shop Theme Lesson Plan

Just finished a new theme lesson plan.
This 114 page lesson plan is packed full of activities that are sure to spark the interest of all children in your classroom.  This lesson covers all learning domains for state standards.

This plan includes:

Shared Reading (Group Activity)
Shared Writing activities (Group Activity)
Pocket Chart Story
Pocket Chart Activity
Daily Questions
Word Wall Cards
Pet Shop Go Fish Game
Fish Bowl Letter Bingo
Help Doggy Find his House (Letter Matching)
Letter Writing practice sheets
Rhyming Memory Card Game
Hide and Seek dice game mats
Milk Bone Size Sorting
Size Sorting Activities
Dog Counting Cards
Creative Art Projects
Cutting Sheets
and ideas for enhancing the learning environment

You can now purchase items directly from my blog by using the cart button below or you can purchase item on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.


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