Sunday, April 29, 2012

Enjoying The Lives We Live

Happiness is not a possession.  Happiness is a quality of thought, a state of mind.

It makes me happy…

·                           ·         Watching all the kids enjoying their prom night

        ·         Getting my hands dirty while planting flowers
        ·         Having a foot massage by my husband because he knew that I had a hard day
        ·         Laughing at lunch with old friends and remembering when…
        ·         Feeling the wind blowing in my hair with the top off the jeep because it is finally warm  
        ·         Having my morning coffee while talking to my mom
        ·         Having the whole family around the table for dinner (the last time was Christmas) so 
              this means a whole lot to me

Learning to recognize and embrace those moments of happiness.

Most of us do not realize the true sense of our own happiness.  We need to take the time and become aware of what really makes us happy in our day to day lives.

On Sunday I will take the time to be aware and reflect upon all the things that I am thankful for and the things that make me happy to be living the life I live.  I will take time to embrace those moments of true happiness and contentment.  Thanking God for all those little things that he has given me.  

Share with us you’re happy moments and time of thankfulness that has happened to you this week.


  1. I'm happy when I get to Skype with my young grandsons! But seeing any child smile makes me happy! Renee

  2. I'm happy when I get to hold my grandson in my arms...what a joy he is!



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