Saturday, April 21, 2012

Music Banging Wall

I have been asking for donations as well as stalking the local thrift store for pots and pans for my bang wall and soon to come my mud kitchen.

We finally have out bang wall up and banging!  The children just love it and the teachers love it to, they are all getting that really loud music out of them outside.  We call all hear again.

We have discovered that we need to take up the whole section of the fence for the wall so that more children can bang away.  I have to tell I think all the big people that parent as well are having just as much fun banging away their thoughts out there.  It looks like I will be stalking local thrift store again while I am on vacation.

I am also going to plant a bunch of irises behind the fence so that it looks like a nice place to be.  (with irises I will not have to think about them, they are tough little flowers)

Original inspiration came from Let the children Play!

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