Sunday, November 28, 2010

Art Studio

I just love when the children go to the art studio and create what ever comes to their minds.  Two girls sat in the art studio before leave for the holiday and this is what they came up with.  The imaginations is endless when provided with the right kind of materials.

Classroom Art Studio

Everything is always ready for the children to create their own art projects.  We restock the art studio daily with new materials to keep the ideas flowing from the children. 
Paint Studio 
The easel area is also always ready for the children to create one of a kind painting projects.  They have a variety of materials to choose from to paint on.


  1. thanks for showing us around Tami - I always love to see how other teachers organise their classrooms :)

  2. the preschool i teach at uses a 'constructive' theory as their curriculum...i'd never heard of this but i suppose its piaget derived? thing is, there is little there that the kids can access in the way of art anytime they wish. art is looked at not as a learning tool but as a productioon oriented piece to show the parents IMHO. very cookie cutter. so how can i incorporate more of child led/creative play in this place?!?! lol

  3. I have to also follow a curriculum for language/literacy and also for math. When using a program directed curriculum some times it is hard to find the time for creative art. One of the ways that helps me to get it in is during small group I set up a table for creative art so that as the children are finished working on their curriculum part they have any area to go to that is self directed while the other children are finishing up. When that is not possible I bring the art out side during free play and they can go to it if they want.
    Another thing is to know what they are learning as they are creating so if the higher ups come into your classroom you are able to justify your decision to provide that activity.

    When I create art I am learning:
    • To exercise my imagination and creativity.
    • About how colors mix and to form new colors.
    • Concepts of shape, size and location.
    • Eye-hand coordination.
    • About things that are sticky and things that have different textures.
    • How to create patterns and designs, a math skill.
    • To distinguish patterns from background, a reading skill.
    • To express my feelings and ideas
    • That my ideas have value.

  4. (((thank you tami!!!))) i think i will PRINT that part of your reply out to remind myself and to point to any co-workers or boss that have anything to criticize about my focus on art and child-led play.



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