Saturday, November 27, 2010

Graphing our Families

In the 3 year old classroom the teacher there is introducing her class to graphing.  This week they found out how many people are in each of their families.

This teacher had them pick out shapes to represent the family members in their family.  Once the children identified the shapes that they had chosen, she then had them draw a picture of each family member on each shape.  Once they had drawn on their shapes she had them find themselves on the graph and glue the shapes on their row.  When they were done she had them count how many members were in their family.

Some of the children got really detailed in their drawings as you can see above.

This teacher will then use this activity to help her meet her observations for her assessment of the Desired Results Developmental Profile.

Thank you Lyndah, for sharing and inviting me to visit your classroom.

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