Monday, November 8, 2010


This week we have been talking about our families. We have been meeting some of our friend’s families and they have been showing us what some of their family tradition are. We have learned that roti and tortillas are similar family traditions. We have learned that some of us live with our grandparents and our parents in the same house. We have learned that some of us only have a mom living with them and some how only have their dad. We have learned that some of us have our moms and dads over seas because they have been deployed for duty. The most important thing that we all learned is that we are all different and that is OK because we are all friends.

One of the things that I did was to have all the children take home a large cut out of their choice to make a collage on of their family and bring it back to school a share with us. We had cut outs of house, trees and flowers. Once all the children brought them back each child took the time to tell us about their family. We then hung up all the family collages through out the classroom, this helped to bring about the classroom community and that we all belonged.

The children also drew pictures of their families and told us about what they drew.  We dictated what the children said.  Once the pictures are done being on display I will make a book out of all the family pictures and place it in our book nook so the children can keep telling one another about their family.

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