Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Spelling

Here is a fun way to get your students spelling and recognizing letters. Make picture cards with seasonal themed word. Have the children turn over the picture card and identify the picture and read the word under the picture. Next have the children spell out the word to one another. Once they have spelled it to one another have the children find the letters to that word and place the feathers in order around the turkey. Have the children check each others turkeys allowing them to help one another. Once they are done with that picture card, have them move onto the next one.

Note: Have enough feathers with letters for each child to spell out every word. Remember there are no winners or losers.


  1. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is so neat! It would be great for those beginning sight words and I think a color word turkey game would be cool too!I'm going to share this with my fb pagers! Here is the link if you'd like to drop by and say Hello! ;)

    Love your blog!

  3. Love this! I teach 3 year olds and do a similar activity with the kids' names.



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