Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Rhyming Game

Make a set of rhyming word with pictures to match each word. For each rhyming set make a large picture card and a small picture card that can fit on a construction paper feather cut out. Glue the small rhyming picture card to a construction paper feather. Make a turkey shape body for each child. Have child turn over a picture card and have them identify the word. See if they can come up with any rhyming words to go with that picture card. Once they have come up with some of their own rhyming words see if they can find a feather with a picture on it that rhymes with the card that is turned over. Once they have found the feather have them place it around the body of their turkey. When all the feathers are gone game is over.

Note: Have enough feathers of each rhyming word for each child in the group.

Here are some rhyming words to get you started

• Hen           Pen
• Jeep         Sheep
• Cow          Plow
• Hog           Dog
• Chick         Pick
• Wheat       Heat

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