Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bee Finger Puppet

I have created a new friend to go in my transition tool belt.
With the school budgets as they are it is harder and harder to be able to order materials for the classroom.  So with that in mind we (myself and other teachers in our program) have created a bee puppet using a yellow dish glove, white lace, wiggle eyes and black rick rack.  The total coast for 10 bee finger puppets was about $5.00.  That means that our finger puppet only coast us $0.50.  Not only did we save money for our classroom but we also had a lot of fun working together to create fun finger puppets for our classroom.  

Here is the song that will go with the new bee finger puppet.  I will be using the bee and song to transition children from cleaning up time, to lining up to go outside.

Buzz, Buzz Bumblebees 

Buzz, buzz bumblebees,
Flying all around.
Stop stand still, do not move around.
Shh, don’t make a sound.

Buzz, buzz bumblebees

Hurry up, in the jar
Before they sting your hand.

Buzz, buzz bumblebees
Hold your jar real tight.
We will carry them outside
Then let them all take flight

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