Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ladybug Dice Game

Make a ladybug out of construction paper, glue onto green scrapbook paper and laminate for durability. (I used scrapbook paper that looked like grass) Get a supply of black pom poms.  Have child roll a dice and identify the number on the dice, next have the child count out the number of black pom poms to match the number on the dice. Once child has the right amount of pop poms have child place them onto the ladybug. When the ladybug is full of spots child is done. With this dice game all children are winners.  You can exchange the dice for number cards if you like.
If you need to challenge some children have them use two dice and add them together, once child has added the two dice together have child count out that many pom poms and place them on the ladybug.
You can also use different styles of dice.

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