Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creative Art it's the process

What is Process Art?

Process art emphasizes the “process” of making art (rather than any predetermined composition or plan)

Why Process Art?

When working with process art children are able to explore, create and develop their own original ideas. They are able to feel the dough, see the colors and touch the textures. Teachers are only there to facilitate giving inspiration, materials, guidance and tools to inspire them to be creative. When teacher practice using process art the children will create original art work which reflects his or hers own personal interpretation.

What they learn in the process of creating

• Balance and design
• Depth perception
• Form
• Color mixing

Teachers who respect children’s ideas help them to learn to think and solve problems for themselves. Children who feel free to make mistakes and to explore will also feel free to invent, create and find new ways to do things.

To have a successful process art program in your class you will need to have a well-stocked cabinet of art supplies.

Creating a house with found materials

Creating their very own Big Red Barn

Creating birdies and nest 

Creating their very own version of a Giraffe 
All of this by just allowing them time and their own imagination. The possibilities are endless for them if you just provide the materials.

When I create art I am learning:

• To exercise my imagination and creativity.
• About how colors mix and to form new colors.
• Concepts of shape, size and location.
• Eye-hand coordination.
• About things that are sticky and things that have different textures.
• How to create patterns and designs, a math skill.
• To distinguish patterns from background, a reading skill.
• To express my feelings and ideas
• That my ideas have value.
• An acceptable way to make a mess and have fun sharing ideas with others.

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