Monday, March 7, 2011

Keeping Germs at Bay

The spread of germs in a preschool classroom is something that we all deal with on a daily bases. This year we have set up a system in each classroom for the staff and children to use. When we see a child put something in their mouth or if a child has a runny nose and that child is done using an item (toy) we put that toy in a container marked dirty toys. The children also help with this process by knowing if they have a runny nose and that when they are done with something they will automatically place that toy they are finished with in the dirty toy container. Child will then wash their hands after placing toy in container and after blowing their nose.

Staff through out the day will take the toys in dirty tube and disinfect them before placing them back to where they belong.

Here is what we have done to help with the spread of germs in the classroom

• Do daily health checks before children can be dropped off
• Sanitize toys weekly
• If we have a out break of illnesses we then do it daily (sanitize toys)
• Utilize the dirty toy container
• Have children wash hands often (upon arrival, after bathroom, after blowing nose, before eating, after using water table, after using play dough, after coming in form outside) by us having them wash their hand frequently colds are down this year.
• Disinfect soap dispensers and paper towel holders daily

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