Thursday, March 3, 2011

Digital Camera in the Preschool Classroom

My digital camera is a valuable tool in my preschool classroom.  I use my digital camera to organize the classroom, for project boards, documentation of learning experiences, classroom portfolios, class picture books, name cards, and picture slide shows for parent nights.

Organizing classroom shelves for the children’s centers
I take pictures on the items in each container and place one picture on the container and one on the shelf.  This allows for children to pick up on their own knowing what goes in what container and which shelf to place the items on.  I also type out the word for each label for a print rich environment.

Organizing their own personal space.

Marking an area to sit while at carpet

Pictures are taken of each child through out the year for documentation of their learning experiences.  These pictures show the growth of each individual child through out the year.  At the end of the year we take all the sample work and pictures and create a portfolio for each child to take home at the end of the school year.
Project Board 

Name cards to help promote writing 
We make a name card for each child in the classroom and place them in the writing area so that children know how to write one another’s name.
Class Books
We create familiar children books using pictures of each child in the classroom.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Brown Bear Brown Bear

I went Walking

These titles are just a few that we use with children’s pictures.

More class books to help promote an interest in writing and building is to take pictures of children do those things and turn it into a class book.  We have one in the writing area (Look at what I am writing) and one in the block area (Look at what I can build).
Classroom Management 
I like to use pictures of the actual children in the classroom because it gives a since of ownership and that it is their classroom and their rules not just the teachers.


  1. love it i think if ok i link to a post am hoping to get done in a few weeks on Digital Camera use in the classroom . I believe i could not live with out it . i use it for so much learning activites also .
    ABC OF Jesshouse

  2. I love to collect older digital cameras too! The children have a great perspective on picture taking. We have often taken walks through our neighborhood where the children have had the opportunity to take photos along the way. I remember when we were investigating plants. I think I ended up with nearly 500 photos from 6 children!!! I like to take their photos and make a slide show with them to watch. Unfortunately, our supply of old cameras has dwindled. However, we still use the ones we have as much as possible!

  3. I love to let the children use the cameras as well. It is fun to see their perspective of the world.

  4. great ideas! I love using photos of the children as well!

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  6. I love having my digital camera in my preschool classroom in our Children's Learning Center I have a special bulletin board where I place pictures of the children as we do the theme of the week. The pictures consist of activities such as art, music, free-play, etc. When the parents pickup their children they are able to see what learning activities and fun we are doing in our classroom as a group or individual.

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  9. Very strategic use of the camera. I'm going to add pics of my Summer Academy kids doing the class rules for this Fall. Thanks.


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  11. The smartphones have taken over.

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