Thursday, April 21, 2011

Environmental Print and Logos

Environmental print from the world around us is a great tool for teaching beginning stages of literacy development.  Most children recognize labels and logos from their favorite products, even if they cannot read. By using environmental print from the world around us it helps children accesses prior knowledge which gives them the ability to improve their word knowledge.  This will help harness that interest in reading and building readiness skills. 

Begin using environmental print by having children bring in their favorite cereal box.  Turn these boxes into an environmental print breakfast book.  Add value to this book by including the child’s name with a sentence on their favorite box of cereal or breakfast food.
Title of book:  What’s for Breakfast?
Tami’s favorite breakfast is Cheerios. 
Inez eats Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast.

Idea came from Dr. Jean

Another idea would be to use pizza boxes and turn them into another class book.
Savina eats pizza from Round Table.
Add Environmental Print to the Block Area
In our block area we have added different types of can goods.  Children can use them for building with our using them for store fronts.

Use boxes and turn them into local stores.  Here we used different types of pizza eateries. 
Add Environmental Print to your Dramatic Play Area
Here we added sale fliers for pizzas to our pretend pizza parlor.

We also created phone books for the children to look up their favorite pizza parlor by using their store logos with numbers.  We also included pizza boxes and local pizza menus.


  1. I love print rich environments!! Wonderful work! I featured you on my latest post, Found It Friday!



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