Monday, April 25, 2011

Flower Prints

Making flower prints with fresh flowers.  Have the children go on a scavenger hunt for different color flowers.  Set out a supply of white paper and rolling pins.  Once the children have their collection of flowers have them fold a sheet of white paper in half.  Then have them lay their flowers on one half of that paper. 
Fold the paper over the flowers.  Then let them roll the paper with a rolling pin. 

Once they are done rolling the paper have them unfold it.  They will discover that the flowers have left an impression on the paper.  Have them remove the smashed flowers and set the paper out to dry.

Have them turn their flower printed paper into Mothers Day cards or Mothers Day wrapping paper.


  1. That is such a fun & simple idea. You should come link up this week with Fun for Kids Friday

    Heather &

  2. Wooww kids would love to do this all day, loads of fun and with very simple steps.

    Thanks for sharing.

    IB Clever



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