Monday, April 4, 2011

F is for Frogs

Frog Pond Water Play
Cut out a supply of lily pads out of craft foam, add plastic frogs and small fish nets to the water tables or water tubs.
Jump Frog  Jump book with props
Find different items such as bean bag toys and small soft dolls to create a story tell kit for the children to retell the story on their own.
Color Frog Sorting Mats 
Make a supply of color mats for the children to sort all the different color frogs with.
Five Little Frogs Story Telling Glove 
Make a story telling glove out of craft foam and wiggle eyes.
Jump Frog Jump Color Floor Game  by Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers 

Counting Frog Math Mats   by Kids World Exploration 

Props for the Circle Time    by Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers

Frog Art   by Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers 

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