Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Are Finding Our ABC’s about Town

Through out the year we have been finding our ABC’s about town.  As children or staff find a store or something around town that start with a letter (we are studding) they take a picture of it and bring it to school to share.  If they do not take a picture they tell us what they found and we go out and take a picture for them.  We hope we can find the whole alphabet before the end of the school year and make our own ABC picture book.

Here are some of the pictures we have found for the ABC book
Our ABC Book About Town
A is for Arby’s

B is for Burger King

C is for Cat Tractor

L is for Lumber Jack’s

S is for Staples

Y is for Yuba City

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  1. love this idea and so much fun even for older preschoolers/kindergarteners



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