Saturday, April 30, 2011

Math Rich Preschool Classroom Environment Part1

It is important to create and provide meaningful math for preschool children.  Children learn as they explore, interact and have meaningful discussion about math.
In order for children to explore and interact with math we must set up our preschool classrooms to have a math rich environment through out the whole classroom.  This includes math through…
·         Environment
·         Observation
·         Verbalization
·         Hands on Experiences
Math Through Out the Classroom Environment
Math Center
Including Math Books with Props 

Around the room (this is on the end of shelf)
The top sentence says put numbers in order.  A number line is provided from 0 to 20.
Around the room (this is on the back of a shelf in the dramatic play area) 
Children can move the calendar numbers around (each square has Velcro on the back)
During Calendar time different shapes and color patterns are provided with the numbers. 

Picture Daily Schedule with clocks and numbers 
Teachers help young children develop their number sense by surrounding them with a number-rich environment.


  1. thanks for the tip. this is just the sort of thing i've been needing for inspiration in my classroom.

  2. This is absolutely math environment. I like the pictures of different activities, easy for students to use...indeed a play and learn classroom.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love your math center! :)

  4. can you give me a detailed description of exactly what is on your shelves. I can not see in the picture

  5. I have number puzzles
    Muffin tin with number sticker inside along with buttons for counting
    Link blocks with pattern cards
    Large Game Cards with floral stones for counting and one to one correspondence
    Balance scale
    Peg boards
    Geo boards
    Transportation counters with cards

  6. The coconut tree on top of your math centers is too cute! Is that Velcro I spy? That is so clever for changing out letters and numbers. I love how organized and user friendly your math centers are. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I especially like the cabinet with the number line. Can you share with me how you did that?

  8. Several years late to the comment; but I LOVE this math center! Very ECERS-III friendly! I will have a bigger classroom next year and will have room for a math center; I'll be using this as some inspiration!



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