Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Table Caddy

 Make your own table caddy with an old wine carrier and some empty tin cans.

 Dress it up with some spray paint and come deco duck tape

First make sure that you have all of the glue off the cans.  If you have any glue left on the cans the paint will not dry and remain very sticky.

The best way to get the glue off is to wipe a thick layer of mayo on the area and let it sit over night.  Wipes right off.

 Spray paint the outside and inside surfaces of the wine carrier and paint the outside surface of the cans.

 Now that the paint is dry it is time to have some fun with colorful duck tape.

On the cans take a strip of duck tape that will fit around half the can.  Place the duck tape halfway on the outside top edge of the can and roll the edge down to the inside of the can.

 This will prevent any tiny finger from getting cut on the edges of the can.

 Reinforce the box by adding duck tape to the inside bottom of the box.  Make sure that all of the areas that fold up have been taped down.

 Also reinforce the bottom of the box to give it that added strength.

Use the same colorful duck tape to the edges of the wine box.  Or add your own personal touch!

 Fill the cans with the necessities for small group time or any time.

 Our caddy has twist up crayons, colored pencils, child scissors, dry markers, thin tip markers and colored sharpies.

The great thing about this caddy is that the cans come out for easy pass around and you have everything need for small group. 

I will be creating these for every small group table for next school year.


  1. I love this website! Thank you so much for all inspiration! It reaches all they way to Sweden. I have recently started a blog myself about presachool ideas and creativity!

    Please check it out:)


  2. Thank you for your kind words. The internet is amazon at how it can bring us all together from different parts of the world.



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